The project

A charity gift website that supports the core work of an international aid charity used targeted video ad, carousel ads, and dynamic product remarketing on Facebook, in conjunction with PPC search marketing across Google Ads and Bing to drive sales/donations throughout the Christmas period – driving over 30,000 web visits and 3,000 sales.



Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)


Conversion rate


the target average purchase value

The goal

To achieve the primary goal of securing the brand’s position as reputable charity gift supplier, despite being in the process of redeveloping their site for mobile optimisation, the client wanted to boost brand awareness, drive traffic to its website and increase online sales and conversions.

Their secondary objective was to increase the average sales value from the previous Christmas.

The solution

I used highly targeted digital advertising to drive traffic to the website and boost sales.

Though the campaign utilised multiple Facebook ad formats, video and carousel ads were the most successful. Video proved to be the perfect way to introduce the brand and its premise quickly and succinctly, while carousel ads—which displayed up to 10 different product images in one place—showcased the charity’s wide range of altruistic gifts.

To reach as many people as possible, I used Facebook’s precise targeting tools, as well as Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences.

By also adding remarketing ads to the mix—which displayed additional items to users based on the price ranges they’d viewed—I helped to drive conversions, reinforce repeat purchases, and up-sell within price brackets


PPC Search marketing was used to capture audiences in-market for charitable or ethical Christmas gifts.

By defensively targeting brand keywords, as well as targeting competitor searches and intelligently segmented sub-groups of people looking for similar gifts, the campaign was able to serve relevant text ads that converted at over 13.7%

With the demographics of most Bing searchers closely matching the charity’s highly converting audiences, I tested using this channel alongside Google AdWords. Whilst volumes were lower, Bing produced the highest average conversion value of any channel, 23% higher than the campaign average.

The success

By combining attention-grabbing visual adverts on Facebook and well segmented and monitored search campaigns on Google and Bing, with robust audience-building and dynamic retargeting, I managed to generate a ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of 374%. Between October and December, the campaign achieved:

·        Over a 10% conversion rate from ad traffic

·        An average order value 1.74x higher than our targets

·        In the last week of the campaign, ROAS figures were almost 1,000%