1. About marketing

Layers, layers, layers.

We've recently taken on a client who wants to promote a 5 day event at one of their stores. Coming up with the proposal made me think about how layering up social advertising could be effective, and I'm pretty pleased with what we've proposed:

  1. In the week prior to the event, promote a Facebook event to people within reasonable driving radius, matching the target demographic. People committing to attend the event will organically amplify it to their friends, and this gives a measurable campaign result.
  2. During the event, use Facebook's new Local Awareness ad formats to drive footfall directly to the store by targeting people within 1km, using the CTA "Get directions".
  3. If there's any scope for additional media budget, add a layer of Instagram ads for awareness and reach, because of the strong visual nature of the products (and the extremely cheap CPC we're finding with other clients at the moment).
  4. Add pixel tracking to the site to re-market to and re-engage people who've already shown a propensity to buy from this brand.

2. About wildlife

Sperm whales need DEEP water to survive. 

I've been keeping up with the strandings of sperm whales all over the UK and Europe. Reading the most recent BBC article, the latest thinking is that the whales were stranded after hunting squid off Norway and heading south through the North Sea. First of all, I did not realise that south of Dogger Bank the North Sea averages around 50 metres, which is incredibly shallow when considering they usually live in seas of 3,000m+ depth. This unusually shallow depth seems to have thrown off their sonar, hence the strandings. It seems likely on this occasion, humans actually aren't at fault.

3. About myself

I like Downton Abbey, I REALLY like Downton Abbey, Bates and Anna are amazing...