In the SME sector we could expect brand advertising to become more localised through the power of mobile. With giants like Facebook and Google investing more time and money into local content (i.e. Local Awareness ads and Google My Business), brand advertisers can spread their name in areas that matter most. On a smaller scale, say for an independent coffee shop, you can now push branded awareness ads out to people on the high street, even people passing right by your door. Even when we look at larger brands, for example fashion retailers, each store becomes its own local brand, able to push branded messages to a hyper-local audience.

This kind of micro-brand advertising will hopefully see physical retail spaces and online mobile advertising become symbiotic, reinforcing the joined-up physical and digital consumer experience. So what needs to change? Brands need to divert budget to these more measurable and targeted local ad types, as opposed to the broader, hard to track awareness methods used today.