Facebook's new fundraising tools could really shake things up for marketers in the charity sector. Although currently only available in the US, at the core of the new tools lies a a digital payment system that allows two-tap giving using a donor’s saved credit card information in their Facebook account, or via PayPal. Donors are already familiar with Facebook tools using their sign-up information with the already well established Lead Ad format, and once donors understand how the new donation technology works, there could be a major shift away from donating through a nonprofit’s website. With integration of systems like Apple and Android pay, we'll see a mobile environment where donations are seamless. 

One of the most interesting elements of this is that you will now be able to track exactly how much funds are raised from Facebook. Direct ROI attribution is every marketers/fundraisers dream! So let's look in a bit more detail at what these tools are:

1. Donate Button

You’ll soon be able to add the button to your Page and also posts, making it easy for supporters to contribute through a one-page form on Facebook. Alternatively, if you’d rather redirect donors to your website, you can use our "Donate Now" call-to-action in ads or on your Page.

2. Fundraising

Fundraisers have progress meters which show the number of donors, and also enable Facebook users to invite their friends to "Join your Fundraiser". In addition, your supporters can also create their own Fundraisers for your nonprofit and tap into their community to raise money for your organisation, known as peer-to-peer fundraising. It's likely that you have many committed supporters on Facebook that would be willing to ask their Facebook Friends to donate to your nonprofit. 

3. Email opt-in from donation forms

During the donation process, the form presents donors with an opt-in field to receive marketing comms and be added to your email list.

Also interesting to note is that donation levels are displayed in local currencies, despite the fact that the page shown in the example here is in the US, as a resident of the UK the amounts are shown in GBP.

Paypal integration is also a nice option for those not wishing to hand over their card details.

It's also worth noting that supporters can share the fact that they've donated upon completed the form.

Presently in the US, Facebook's processing fees are 5% - 2% for vetting, security, anti-fraud etc. and 3% payment handling. Funds are wired from Facebook to your charity’s bank account every two weeks.

So whilst nothing is actionable at the moment in the UK, now is the time to get your heads in the material to be ready to hit the ground running when these new tools inevitably roll out to the European markets in the near future. Facebook's algorithms and targeting are already scarily accurate, and if paid media campaigns can be optimised for conversions, then this could be one of the most powerful non-profit tools there's been for a decade.

For more detailed information check out donations.fb.com or for the real nitty gritty, have a read of the Fundraiser FAQs.